2013-2014 Member of Excellence info


Revised to take effect for 2013-2014 IAAP Year

In order to qualify as a 2013-2014 Member of Excellence, the criteria (except #1 and #5) must be met in the 2013-2014 IAAP year. You must meet 8 of the 11 criteria. Only criteria #6 is a mandatory requirement. Your member of Excellence application must be submitted online. If you do not have the ability to submit the form online please contact Tonia Nelson at tonia.nelson@iaap-hq.org.

Revisions and clarifications to the criteria are identified by bold/underlined text.

IAAP Headquarters reserves the right to request original documentation of criteria earned. If you are selected for an audit you will be notified and provided audit criteria and suggestions via email.


Revised Criteria as of July 1, 2013

A Member of Excellence will receive a PDF certificate and Member of Excellence logo.

A Member of Excellence will attain a minimum of 8 of the following 11 criteria:

  1. Hold a current IAAP Certification (i.e. CAP as prescribed by the new curriculum.)

  2. Download the Member of Excellence Commitment form; sign and date the form. 

  3. Actively participate in the IAAP web community forum discussions or write an article during the current fiscal year) (minimum 200 words), and have it published in an IAAP publication (chapter, division, or international level.) Recommending another author’s article does not qualify.

  4. Attend at least one professional educational workshop, seminar, webinar, or conference (at least 60 minutes in length) and provide a short paragraph on how the training relates to your job or your role in IAAP. It can be an IAAP or non-IAAP workshop, seminar, or conference; however, it cannot be included in your calculations to meet the requirement of criterion #9.

  5. Hold a degree from an accredited college or university, or complete a certificate program (a minimum of one year in length) from an accredited college or university, or hold a Microsoft certification earned within the last five years.

  6. Pay membership dues on or before anniversary date. This criterion is a mandatory requirement. This mandatory requirement will be waived in the case of new members joining IAAP in the current IAAP fiscal year who want to work towards becoming a Member of Excellence.

  7. Serve as a chapter, division, or international officer, committee chair, or committee member. Serve on an international subcommittee or task force. Serve on a college/university advisory board for the office administrative program. (Any one of the above)

  8. Conduct a public career/workplace/profession related presentation, program or training at least 60 minutes in length. (Note that the presentation does not need to qualify for recertification points).

  9. Attend a minimum of eight (8) IAAP chapter, division or international sponsored meetings, programs or events (any combination; limit of two Headquarters training webinars can be included here, per fiscal year.) These meetings, programs, or events cannot include an event used to meet the requirement of criterion #4.

  10. Recruit at least one new member.

  11. Integrate IAAP membership and involvement into annual performance plan or review.

The deadline for submitting Member of Excellence for 2013-2014 has passed. More details on the 2014-2015 program will be announced soon. You may continue to check the programs page for information.